Thursday, 12 November 2015

A Day At London Zoo

I finally went to London Zoo with my boyfriend and our friends!
To those who didn't know my uncle has been a zoo keeper there for a few years now, on the bird section (if you know me then you've definitely heard this a thousand times)

Ever since he got the job he always mentions how I should come and see him then go to meet the Penguins, how amazing this sounds it still took me over two years to organise a date to go up there!
I decided to go in Autumn/Winter as my uncle explained at that time of year the animals are most active, plus the zoo will not be as busy so keep this in mind if you are planning to go!

The penguins at London Zoo are so adorable, they huddle up to your legs and love being stroked. I just wanted to pick one up, cuddle it and take it home but they can bite ha ha. 

Here are some photos and a short video of my day! 

Bee xo 


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