Sunday, 31 January 2016

Foundation Reviews!

7.5/10 Coverage
9/10 Easy Application
10/10 Moneys Worth

This is my current foundation and it honestly feels like liquid gold. This product has been talked about on social media for a very long time and sometimes that would make me wary about buying products as people always have different opinions. Despite this I am finding myself now giving in a lot more to see what all the fuss is about and I am so happy I did!
This foundation is exactly what it says on the tin, it leaves my skin feeling luminous and when applying is so soft and silky you can not feel it on your skin at all. This is not full coverage but has more coverage than your average tinted moisturiser which is perfect for me.      

 6/10 Coverage
9/10 Easy Application
7/10 Moneys Worth

This products is a really high quality tinted moisturiser. As it is a tinted moisturiser the coverage rating is going to be quite low but you can easily build this product up without it feeling cakey. The consistency is quite thin making it low weight on the skin but without powder it leaves a sticky residue, what isn't ideal if you are just using it for light coverage. On application this can be slightly streaky using a brush but I normally find that happens with thin foundations, nothing a beauty blender can't fix!  

 4/10 Coverage
8/10 Easy Application
6/10 Moneys Worth

This is a very thin smooth foundation that I would pick over any type of tinted moisturiser and here is why. Recently I have spoke to a skin specialist who gave me some advice on my skin and the biggest thing she warned me about was tinted moisturisers. As we all know moisturisers go deep into your skin and pores to give hydration but if your moisturiser also has foundation in it this will go deep into your skin as well. I was told this after using them on and off for years but I doubt I will buy them again as I want to prevent my break outs.
If you are thinking of doing the same do not panic! 
This does not mean that you have to buy full coverage, heavy weight foundations because this Face and Body foundation is perfect for light coverage! It is extremely light and smooth on the skin with no sticky residue! The only downside to this is that I do think it is quite pricey for what it is but it's MAC so what do you expect?!             

 6/10 Coverage
6/10 Easy Application
9/10 Moneys Worth

Body Shop claim that this foundation 'transforms' to your skin tone but I sadly have to disagree. This product comes out of the tube white with small specs of colour that when you mix together break through making it a tinted moisturiser. Firstly the product its self comes in different shades and secondly it will stay that shade on any surface you mix it on but it does not make this a bad product!
This is a really hydrating foundation but because of this it leaves a slight sticky residue what is not ideal when if you do not want to use a on top. This has quite good coverage for a tinted moisturiser but I would recommend mixing the product on a surface before application otherwise it can cause streaks on your skin. Overall this a cheap product so you are less likely to have the same results as the higher brand foundations but I find it is good for its money.   

 9/10 Coverage
7/10 Easy Application
8/10 Moneys Worth

This is a very high coverage foundation making it thicker than all the other products I have reviewed. Due to this a lot of buffing needed in application but it is worth the end result as I use this on nights out and it will stay flawless all evening. This is a very popular product and I completely understand why as it does not have a cakey look or feel that other full coverage foundations normally have.

Let me know about any other foundations that feel like your liquid gold as I love trying new products! 


bee xoxo


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