Thursday, 7 January 2016

Let me introduce myself

Okay let's get the basics out the way... I'm a girl in my 20s living in Kent, England. 

I started off my blog as something to put on my CV when I was looking for jobs after finishing my foundation course in design. 
For years I wanted to start blogging on Instagram and YouTube but I never had the confidence to do it, so when my tutor mentioned about maybe starting a website to promote to my work it was the push I needed to start blogging. 
Blogging has helped me through a rough time in my life, I was able to share what I was going through as well as having something to focus on in such a hectic time. 
Now blogging is my outlet for all the creative energy that had built up inside me for so long! 

My aim is to try and show people that you can wear whatever you want and express yourself how you want too 🌈 

I decided to name my blog 'bee luxury' simply because who doesn't love luxurious things? and also my initials are b.e.e 😆 

Thank you for supporting my blog and please get in touch through my blog or social media! 


bee xoxo  


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