Friday, 12 February 2016

Last Minute, Low Key Valentines Dates.

I've never been someone to plan big things for Valentines, places are always packed or overpriced and can just take the fun out of things. I have decided to share my fun low key date ideas that can be competitive, funny and creative!

  • Binge watch a new TV show e.g Making a murderer or have a movie marathon e.g all harry potter films.
  • Play Words Drinking Game, Each of you write down 20 random words on a piece of paper, swap papers and watch tv or a movie and if you hear your word drink! The funnier the words the better!
  • Get fiery and competitive on a game console, I never thought I would like this but when I tried it with my boyfriend it was hilarious (especially when I won)
  • Buy a whole new range of foods or sweets and try them as a challenge.

  • The classic make a fort with blankets and pillows and watch a film (tumblr style), you will never get to old for this!
  • Order a different take away for each corse e.g popadoms for starter, sweet and sour chicken for main and dominos brownies for dessert!
  • Depending on where you will be that night you can have a bonfire or camp with friends.
  • Indoor golf/football, dangerously competitive.
  • Country Themed night eg. Italy themed film, food and drink.
  • Blind taste test!

  • The home ball pit/ ballon pit - common you can never be to old for this, especially with a few drinks down your neck.
  • Clubbing and you can go with friends even if they are single and they won't feel left out!
  • Drunk Pinterest Challenge - Find a DIY on Pinterest and try it yourself, pictures of this are always hilarious.
  • The Classic Truth or Dare!

Have a fun but safe night!


bee xoxo

Disclosure, none of these photos are my own.


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