Thursday, 4 February 2016

Throwing Shades.

My five favourite eye shadow palettes at the moment are all Urban Decay so I have decided to create 
makeup looks from each palette for five days! This is very new for me so I hope you enjoy it! 

But before that i'll quickly tell you my favourite shadows from each palette numbering them from left to right.  

Naked Palette                                                                    Naked 2 Palette    
My favourite shadows in the first Naked palette are Sidecar (4th), Half Baked (6th), Smog (7th) and Toasted (9th). Sidecar is a warm brown shimmer with a hint of rose gold that can be built up into a deep smoky colour. Half baked is a beautifully pigmented gold that looks amazing with Smog as it is a slightly 
darker pigment with brown undertones. Toasted is a dirty pink shimmer that when built up is stunning!

The Naked 2 palette has a lot of golds and bronze My favourite shadows in the Naked 2 Palette are Chopper (4th), Snake Bite (6th), Verve (9th) and YDK (10th). Chopper is another beautiful light Copper shimmer that I always seem to be drawn to and Snake Bite is a 
ashy, khaki under toned brown glitter. Verve is a Silver shimmer with a very light pink undertone and YDK is a dark copper shimmer that looks great in a smoky eye! 

Naked 3 Palette                                                                 Naked Smoky

The Naked 3 palette is a very warm palette with a lot of pinks and my favourites are Buzz (5), Trick (6), Nooner (7), and Darkside (11). Buzz is the perfect metallic rose pink shimmer with a warm undertone and Trick is a very pigmented rose gold shimmer shadow. Nooner on the other hand is one of the few matte shadows in Urban Decay palettes, it is a deep rosy plum with slightly warm undertones and personally I think it is one of their classics. The Darkside shadow is a deep taupe/mauve colour with the lightest shimmer making it almost matte as well as having a cool undertone what looks beautiful in a smoky eye!

My Favourite shadows from the Naked Smoky palette are DirtySweet (2), Radar (3) and Slanted (5). DirtySweet is a medium bronze shimmer with warm undertone that works amazingly with Radar that is more of a darker brown/taupe colour with a frosted gold shimmer. Slanted is a light metallic gray with blue cool undertones and I love this so much.

This is my favourite palette out of all of them because I love warm neutral tones but to even it out you do have some cool tones in there as well. My two favourite colours by far are Steady (4th on Top row) and Punk (top right). Steady is a rose gold shimmer shadow that looks amazing paired with Punk a dark burgundy in the crease.   


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