Friday, 18 March 2016

My 20th Birthday

On Monday 14th March I turned 20 (still feels strange saying it) and I got truly spoilt by my family and boyfriend so I decided to show you how we celebrated!


On Saturday (12.03.16) my Boyfriend surprised me with tickets to see 'The Lion King' in the West End! Before we arrived at the theatre we decided to go to Covent Garden and do some shopping.

This show is absolutely amazing! The costume, set design and music is breathtaking making it my favourite West End show along side 'Wicked'. I would recommend this show to any one of all ages.     

MondayMy Birthday

On my actual Birthday my Mum treated me to a shopping trip on Bond Street, I saw the most amazing garments and accessories up there and I will be defiantly be returning soon.    

A post on what I got for my Birthday will be uploaded soon, here is a sneak peek but check this space!


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