Tuesday, 29 March 2016

My Hair Story

My hair journey has been a long one! I am fortunate enough to have a mum as a hairdresser which means I have had near enough any hair style I wished growing up (unless it was really damaging). 

I have been a full brunette, Barbie blonde, had bright coloured dip dye, a long bob, hair down to my waist, you name it if it isn't damaging I have probably had it!

My hair is naturally thin, this has always been an insecurity of mine so I would curl my hair nearly every day to make it look thicker. Obviously doing this as well as colouring my hair didn't help its condition making it feel dry and slowing its growth. 

As I was not happy with my hair I asked my Mum if I could have semi permanent extensions (pre-bonded) and after a lot of thought she said yes. 

To start off with I didn't get many extensions put in as we wanted to see how much damage it could cause my natural hair.

After 3 months I had no damage to my hair, in fact it got healthier due to me not feeling the need to curl it every day and I have never looked back! 

I love my extensions and love the confidence they bring me but it is not a simple application so here is my step by step of how I get my hair! 

Firstly I use the 40cm Balmain Pre Bonded Hair Extensions in the colour New York. These are 100% human hair which I would strongly recommend using if you are thinking of getting extensions as they look extremely natural and can also be styled with heat.   

I have ombré styled hair and the difference between my roots and the end of my hair is quite drastic. In order to get the extensions the same colour we have to dye them using Gentle Mesh. This really lightens the ends and doesn't damage the hair like bleach would.

After dying them we cut the bond in half. This is to minimise the weight on my natural hair that could cause damage and also to prevent the extensions hanging away from my natural hair when it is down. 

Then it's time to apply! 

 Below is Balmain's description on the extensions I used.
found here

Here is the final product! 

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