Friday, 25 March 2016

My Top 5 Easter Egg Alternatives

Here are my top 5 treats that are alternatives to typical Easter Egg! I love chocolate but I always feel that Easter can be an overload so I decided to share my favourite non-chocolate snacks to have at Easter.

The classic Hot Cross bun is a must at Easter! I love them on there own, toasted or with a spread. You can even make them into a chocolate dessert with this recipe HERE!

Cupcakes are such an easy gift idea for someone who doesn't like chocolate as there are endless flavours you can choose from. You can either buy easter themed ones (sold in many super markets) or make them yourself and you can also personalise them with the decoration. 

Doughnuts are great especially as you can buy them in a multi box with different flavours. I think these are great to bring to an Easter party/meal as everyone can choose their favourite flavour.

This is such a broad option as you can buy selection boxes, large iced biscuits and many more. Due to this being a broad option it is perfect for a gift as you can even create a hamper.

I have seen these beautiful rainbow bagels all over the internet and you can imagine my excitement when I saw them in Selfridges! They taste exactly like a normal bagel but look so fun especially for Easter.





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