Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A Must Have Fitness Snack

On my health kick I have recently discovered this delicious treat that is jam packed with protein (a protein snack being delicious? rare I know!) 

Like many people I love chocolate and regularly get cravings, so you can see why this product caught my eye on Instagram!

Cocoa+ satisfies my cravings as it is still really sweet where as other high percentage chocolate are normally bitter. 

Now lets get to the good stuff inside it.
Cocoa+ contains BCAA's that helps gains strength, maintain lean muscle mass and reduce body fat, yes you read that correctly!
This is  a healthy fun way to add protein to your diet with each bar containing 19g.
Each bar is 55% Cocoa making it full of flavonoids which lower heart disease. It also improves blood vessel flexibility, increases blood flow and enhances cognitive ability (brain function) as well as reducing levels of bad cholesterol within the body.  

Now if all of the benefits listed don't make you want to incorporate this delicious snack into your diet I don't know what will!

Many protein snacks lack flavour and have a powdered texture but I can honestly say benefits aside Cocoa+ chocolate taste delicious!

To get this chocolate contact them through their 

or via their email 

I hope you liked this post and let me know if you want me to feature more health posts on here.

Have a lovely rest of your week xoxo





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