Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Getting Fancy With Lily and Rose

Today I am bringing some glamour to your screen with Lily and Rose Jewellery. 
I have recently been stuck in a rut when it comes to earrings, I either just don't wear any or wear one pair to death. 
As summer is coming I tend to try and step up my game when it comes to jewellery as you have endless ways to bling up your body.        

I decided I wanted to find some beautiful pieces of jewellery that can bring class and elegance to a simple outfit. This is how I came across Lily and Rose Jewellery, their products are the definition of glamour. All have their own unique qualities with some even being a part of a matching set  
e.g. earrings, a bracelet and necklace that match.     

These beautiful 'Sofia' Swarovski crystal tear drop earrings are understandably one of their most popular pieces. To make the ultimate statement you can also get a 'Sofia' bracelet to match. Shop here. 


After choosing a bold statement earring I wanted to also get a more subtle pair. These 'Miss Miranda - Silk' studs are my absolute favourites with a hint of pink in the middle stone. These are defiantly a more of a day to day pair.  

After seeing that the 'Miss Miranda' earrings had a matching necklace I just couldn't resist. Instead of getting the exact matching necklace with the hint of pink (silk) I chose the 'Miss Miranda' in 'Crystal'. I decided to go with the crystal necklace as then it could be paired with either set of earrings.  

I can not wait to create some fabulous looks with these pieces and will make sure to post them when I do. 





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