Tuesday, 5 April 2016

My Home Spa Treatment

I felt like my skin care routine needed a revamp so I made a trip to The Body Shop and found some products that helped me create my very own spa treatment!

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Firstly I brought these two incredibly soft exfoliating brushes. The small one is for your face and the big one is a full body brush. 
After speaking to the girls in The Body Shop I have learnt that exfoliating helps eliminate uneven skin tone, speeds up your skins natural renewal process promoting even skin texture, prevents clogged pores and is anti ageing.      
If i am honest my exfoliating routine was poor but after learning this I am defiantly going to change that.
Plus my skin feels amazing after a good scrub!

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I also brought a new total body massager that actually works amazlingly! 
I highly recommend this.

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Going along with my new exfoliation routine is this Vitamin C exfoliator.
I brought this exfoliator due to having red marks left behind from blemishes that Vitamin C has proven to remove. Also Vitamin C can reduce the appearance of brown spots from sun exposure, boost healthy collagen production making your skin firmer and stronger, also it reduces dry skin and signs of ageing.

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When I saw a Tweet about this body mask I knew I had to get it. Having a face mask is the best way for me to relax now imagine how I felt finding a full body mask! 
This is the Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay that purifies the skin by removing impurities while softening the skin for a deeply cleansed feel. I also brought the application brush making the whole process a lot easier with less mess.
This has a light relaxing scent making me feel as if I am in my very own spa, I love it!      


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I have been looking for a deep cleansing face mask for a long time and I have finally found one that works really well! When you use this you can see the dirt coming out of your pores in places you never knew were clogged! Again the smell of this is beautiful and adds to the relaxation to it all.

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What is your go to products when having a pamper? 
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