Wednesday, 11 May 2016

My First Trip To Margate!

On Saturday my boyfriend surprised me with a spontaneous trip to Margate! I know so many people who used to go down there as kids but it was something I had never done until Saturday.  

Dreamland is the cutest seaside amusement park that is heavily inspired by 50s design. They have about 20 rides that are mostly the typical old school fairground rides like the Helter Skelter. 

The weather was so beautiful this weekend, when we arrived we first went to Dreamland to eat and try out the assessments. 

After we had done all we wanted to do in the park we took a short walk to the beach, we walked down to the water and sat in the sun for a bit before heading to the arcades.       

You cannot go to the beach without having Fish and Chips, so to end the day we sat on a bench on the beach and ate.

I can not believe I won this many tickets just by playing one game!

Unfortunately I have had these trousers for years and cannot find them online anywhere but I will link some of my favourite alternatives below 




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