Friday, 20 May 2016

Smell Pretty

Today I am telling you all about the beautiful products from Bramley an all natural Bath and Body brand! They currently have 14 products from shampoo to hand cream but are always adding to their range. 

When I recieved this lovely package with a very kind note I was instantly in love, especially with the product packaging. My bathroom is very white and minimalistic and these bottles sit perfectly in there perfectly due to their clean crisp design.  

My favourite product is defiantly the Rose and Spearmint scented candle as it smells gorgeous and again I love the packaging! When I have used this candle I will defiantly be using the glass as it had a cute B on it.    

Another product I got was the grapefruit and lavender hand lotion. I have this by my bathroom sink to use after I wash my hands to keep my skin from drying out and to prevent ageing. You know what they say 'you can always tell someones age by their hands' and it's never to early to think about ageing skin!
As I mentioned earlier Bramley use 100% natural products and they also do not use animal testing, Hooray!   

What I also have next to my bathroom sink is this sage and lemongrass scented hand wash. This hand wash is incredibly revitalising as well as antibacterial, what is a must for me when looking at soaps!

Last but not least I have this juniper berry and bergamot scented body lotion, how adorable is this bottle? 
I always make sure I put lotion on my whole body after a shower down to the exact same reasons I use hand lotion, prevents ageing!  and of course it feels/smells great as well. 

For more information on Bramley products check out their website below





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