Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The National Pet Show

If you can remember it was my boyfriends 21st back in February and I surprised him with a trip to Disneyland Paris (see all posts here) but I also got him tickets to the National Pet Show in the ExCel centre.

I have been planning this for a while as I found out about it when it had its own Snapchat story last year and it looked like so much fun! My boyfriend loves animals especially dogs so I knew this would be right up his street. 

If you haven't been to the ExCel centre before it is a huge warehouse style venue that regularly hold trade shows. When I walked in I was amazed at the size of this show and by variety of animals, I must admit we were mainly there for the dogs but they also had reptiles, insects, cats, horses and more!    

They split the function room into sections with signs hanging from the ceiling so you knew which way to head to if you wanted to see something in particular. The biggest section was the dog section with over 20 stalls showing a specific breed as well as having two show pens for dog adgility, dancing and informational talks.   

They also had a sections for cats, small fur pets e.g rabbits, guinea pigs.. , reptiles and more. The event was extremely informative with talks about "how to help your pet live a long and healthy life" for nearly every kind of animal. 

If any of you are thinking about getting a pet but was unsure on what breed I would 100% recommend attending this show. Here you can get up close with on average 3 animals per breed and also talk with their owners and ask them anything you wish, from care to character traits.

As well as featuring many animals you could also find stalls with animals related businesses ranging from food, games, clothing, beds and more! We found many businesses that we haven't seen before and was kindly given a lot of freebees over the day that we have taken home for our dogs. We had a lot of food that we tested with our pets and one was such a hit we have gone out and brought more!
If it very rare that you can talk to representatives of animal products before buying them and this is also another reason I recommend going as you get to know a lot about the product that you wouldn't necessarily know otherwise.    

Another feature I was really looking forward to was seeing Noel Fitzpatrick from the TV show Super Vet on Channel 4 (what I regularly watch!). He had two interviews that day on their main stage that seated hundreds of people and both interviews were completely full with many not being able to get seats. 

Overall I would really recommend animal loves to go to The National Pet Show at least once as we had such a lovely day and it is also great for kids. If I had to pick my favourite part of the day I had to be going to the Pomeranian stand (a number of times) as I could of honestly stayed there all day. I know defiantly know what breed of dog I would like to get in the future! They are so fluffy and small!!  

I wore this gorgeous khaki cut out maxi dress from Npire London as well as these nude lace up heels from Aldo. I will link everything below! 

Dress: Npire London (here)
Shoes: Aldo (similar here)

For more information on the National Pet Show check out their website 


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