Friday, 24 June 2016


I always make sure that I share with you my honest opinions and that try new things regularly. I not only do this so I have fresh up to date content but I think it is good for yourself to try new things. These infusion water bottles have been another trend I have seen all over Instagram and decided to finally try it, so I got some bottles from Infruition.

I was really interested in their website as they upload new recipes for infused water nearly every day, some of them I would have never thought of trying until now!
Infruition sell various types of bottles, they have the Classic what is a glass bottle, the Sport which is plastic with a handle that flips up from the lid and a Kids bottle what is the same at the sport but smaller with some illustration on the bottles. 
I decided to go with the sport just for the reason that I can be very clumsy and if I can avoid glass then I will!  

I started with flavours I new I would like because I firstly just wanted to know if they really worked.
I love lemon and lime so I added that to my first bottle and then frozen mixed berries to the other one. After that I left them in the fridge for a few hours and then tried them, I must day they tasted amazing! 

I think this concept is a great idea as I think I can talk for most when I say we don't drink enough water. It is a real problem for me as I can easily forget but with these I can happily increase my water intake as they taste amazing. The kids bottle is such a great idea as well to help encourage them to drink healthier options and show that healthy can taste good too!

I hope you liked this post, Let me know what you would put in your bottle, or if you have found some creative ideas to drink more water, I would love to hear from you.

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