Monday, 20 June 2016

My Partner In Crime

Happy Birthday to my partner in crime/my sassy sister. 
I can not believe my cousin has turned 18, she used to be my little munchkin I could dress up with!
For my birthday this year she made me the most amazing gift I have ever received, a photo album with lots of photos of as a kids.
As this is a big Birthday for her I wanted to give her something just as important but I will share that with you after she hasn't seen it yet. I do have something I can share though and that is this beautiful water colour birthday card from paperbyjlee.  

Paper by Jlee sell beautiful water colour cards for every occasion as well as  a whole range of artwork using the same stunning water colour technique.
Make sure you check them out at   

Let me know what was the best card or gift you have ever received or given, I would love to hear from you.

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