Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Ultimate Dream Bathroom!

A fresh modern bathroom just makes me so happy, laying in a bath surrounded by a stunning interior is just one of the little things I love. As you can see this is a carry on from my luxury home posts, this has defiantly become a series!

Some of the views from the bath in these images are so dreamy I defiantly need a bath by a window with a good view at some point in my life. 
Like I said before I know a lot of these houses are a little out of budget (well defiantly mine) but you can always take elements of a place and bring it into your own home. I love looking at what colours look good together in a home. I found all these images from Pinterest, follow me to see more images like these!


If you made it this far down well done as I uploaded a lot of inspiration on this one! Let me know what your favourites are or any of your own tips on bathroom decor?

Thanks for stopping by, I'll hopefully see you soon 




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