Saturday, 11 June 2016

Warm And The Wild

Festival season is getting closer and closer so you will be seeing a lot of festival inspired outfits on here especially as I am going to V Festival in August!
I have had my eye on crochet tops for a while now but I really wanted one with a tie up back, it was quite hard to find one as many I looked at in Topshop for example had a full crochet back.

I stumbled across @WarmAndTheWild on instagram and saw they had tie up crochet tops, I was so excited to get one to test it out!  

I am so happy with the top it is so well made as well as being soft and comfy. I think in looks adorable with these levi shorts! 

Check out Warm and The Wild on Instagram below 

Or their website

While I was trying to get photos for this post my dog would not stop getting in front of the camera, she loves it! Shall I feature her in posts more often? she does look adorable but then again I am very biased, let me know what you think of the outfit and my pup in the comments below or on my Instagram @brooke.ellis_ 





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