Sunday, 19 June 2016

White With Style

Looking after your pearly whites is something that is sometimes over looked when it comes to beauty treatments.
I have used a few teeth whitening methods in the past but recently I have seen this home UV light whitening craze all over Instagram. I was always hesitant to whether it would work but I finally took the plunge to find out.  

When I was looking up teeth whitening companies I saw White With Style and it straight away caught my eye, not only is the packaging gorgeous they had a method that many brands didn't have. 
In case you haven't used one of these at home kits before you get two mouth guards, a bleaching solution and a UV light. 

To start off with you warm up the mouth trays using hot water to make them soft and then mould it to your teeth. After they have cooled you can start the whitening! 
All you do is place some of the bleach in the trays put them in your mouth and then hold the light in your mouth in front of your teeth for 30 minutes. 

With this pack you have enough solution for 10 treatments, each treatment should be no longer than 30 minutes long. In the pack you also get a tooth shade guide to track your progress as you can get up to 7 shades whiter in just one treatment. 

Now lets get to their method that I found amazing. When I have used whitening bleach before you always have that horrible taste of the bleach but you will not get that here as they have flavoured bleach, yes thats right FLAVOURED!

I decided to go with the classic strawberry flavour but they also have cotton candy, cinnamon, blueberry, coconut and cherry.

I will let you know my progress after I have completed all the treatments.
Let me know what flavour you would choose, or what teeth whitening treatments you have used, I would love to hear from you.

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