Friday, 8 July 2016

My New Brushes and How I Clean Them!

Last week I uploaded a post about trying out  Helen E Cosmetics and I have now tried something else from them I love and that is their brushes! 
I ended up getting their Set Of 7 Professional Brushes, I am so happy with them and can not wait to use them.
I thought I would show you them while they are nice and new before they get covered with makeup. 

The lip brush is really dense so it helps you control your lipstick and creates them sharp lines around your lips. This can also be used as an eyeliner brush for the same reasons!
The blending brushes are to die for, they are so soft on the skin and the perfect sizes to blend your crease.  
What I also like about these brushes is that some are double ended making it really handy when you are packing your makeup bag.

As you can tell from the title I thought I wanted let you know how I wash my brushes. 
I don't use any special techniques other than baby shampoo and water from a tap but I have recently got these new makeup guards from to shape my brushes. 

I tried to use them on brushes that I have two of so you can really see the difference. After I washed my brushes I just lightly dried them on a towel so they weren't dripping wet and then slid the guards on the brushes. 
In the pack you get six guards, one for a very small brush, two for small and two for medium brushes with the last one for a large powder brush. 
I love the different sizes and I think you would be able to cut them in half as well to double the amount.

Here is a before and after, how great do they look? They look brand-new again!

Here are the results from all the brushes, I tried to use all different types of brushes to see if they would work. As the guards are made from stretchy plastic they mould to all different shaped brushes and as they have holes in they can help the brushes dry without getting damp.

I hope you liked this post, I will link below my brushes and the brush guards!

Let me know what you use when cleaning your brushes, or what are your favourite brushes at the moment? 
I love hearing from you!

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