Friday, 4 November 2016

My 31 Days Of Halloween Challenge!

This October was been such a crazy whirl wind for me, I got up to so much!
Sadly I didn't have time to blog post but I kept you updated on my Instagram but in case you missed it here is a recap.

On September 30th I was scrolling down my Instagram feed and I started to see #31DaysOfHalloween pop up a lot. 
I instantly thought how cool that would be creating 31 days worth of looks with no limits. I then had a moment of madness and decided I was going to take on this challenge, at that point I had no ideas, no plan, nothing... but I went ahead and announced it Instagram to start the next day. 

I must admit a lot of doubts came into my head. I had to start the next day as well as being away from the 12th - 26th of October, I had to get it all done in 11 days. I thought this would be impossible for me to complete as I haven't done halloween makeup before and I wouldn't want to post anything that I wasn't 100% happy with.

I spent that night searching for inspo and got a HUGE collection of images together. The next morning I was up early and sat at my vanity looking at all these images, I left my phone in another room and didn't even have music on as I wanted to fully concentrate on whatever I was going to do, the rest honestly is a blur. 
I got so into it that time flew by without me even noticing, I was enjoying it so much it almost gave me this adrenaline I haven't felt before. I know it sounds dramatic but thats how it honestly felt, I got the bug and nothing was going to stop me from completing this challenge.

I started with a simple eye look to see how I got on and then it grew in to full face looks! I managed to finish 27 looks in 11 days and then the second I got home I finished the next 4. 

Here is what I came up with I hope you like them! each image is linked to my Instagram post for more makeup details. 

Day 1 - Slime Liner

Day 2 - Sandy from Grease

Day 3 - Comic Strip

Day 4 - Bambi/Deer

Day 5 - Greek Goddess 

Day 6 - Scarecrow

Day 7 - Jessica Rabbit

Day 8 - Glamour Ghost

Day 9 - Cleopatra


Day 10 - The Queen Of Hearts

Day 11 - Sugar Skull

Day 12 - Snake

Day 13 - Mummy

Day 14 - Forest Fairy

Day 15 - Poison Ivy

Day 16 - Lion

Day 17 - Ice Queen

Day 18 - Vampire

Day 19 - Harley Quinn

Day 20 - Creepy Doll

Day 21 - Storm

Day 22 - Mad Max

Day 23 - Mermaid

Day 24 - Witch

Day 25 - Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Day 26 - Clown

Day 27 - The Purge

Day 28 - Neon Skull

Day 29 - Pumpkin

Day 30 - Alien

Day 31 - Skull

I hope you liked the looks I created! 
I would love to see what you went as for Halloween!

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