Friday, 19 May 2017

My New America Vlogs + A Lil Catch Up!

Hey I'm back! 
I know it may look like have have completely abandoned my blog but I haven't don't worry I am back. 
As much as I am trying new things this year I do not want to quit where I started because if it wasn't for you reading my blog I would not of tried other platforms to share more content so thank you. 

Recently I have been trying to make my content a bit more personal starting with my youtube channel and soon to my blog as I would really like to post more personal things on here. 

Just in case you missed it yes I have finally started youtube! It would mean the world to me if hit the subscribe button and maybe a like and comment. 
At the moment every Wednesday I am uploading my Walt Disney World vlogs and Sundays will be more beauty/fashion related videos. 
This is all still very new to me so bare with me 😂 but if you have any videos you would like to see hit me up on one of my social media accounts as they are all public and let me know! 
I am always looking for new Inspo!  

You can leave a comment on this post or via Instagram or Twitter, all my accounts are public so you can direct message me as well!
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