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My Health Diary: Bettering Myself in 2017 - (This gets a little deep! 😢)

This year I have been really concentrating on bettering myself and growing as a person. For the first half of this year I have been really listening to what I want and need by making my mental health one of my top priorities. 
By no means am I saying that I have mental health problems and I'm also not saying that it is a problem if I did but I think everybody should get to know their mind as much as we know our bodies as they are both equally as important. 

At this moment in time, I feel like I know myself more than I ever have. I know when I need to take a break, I know when I am subconsciously trying to avoid something and I now know my self-worth. So far this has been the biggest year for me, I am taking control of every aspect of my life and it is only going to get better from here 😍 
I know some of you are probably reading this and thinking what on earth has this got to do with fitness? But I'm just letting you know that my journey of bettering myself and looking after myself started way before I stepped foot into a gym. 

I am the most stereotypical person when it comes to fitness... 

Every New Years I am the girl that goes "New Year NEW ME!!! I am going to get so toned and fit that I will never get body conscious ever again!!" 

I rush in, get a gym membership and go 4 times that year and when I do go I am doing the bare minimum of exercise I can and leave dead on an hour later (while watching the clock the whole time) I probably spent longer getting ready for the gym than actually at the gym!

I am also that girl with 'All The Gear But No Idea' I have a draw in my room dedicated to gym wear, everything is colour coordinated, my trainers, socks, headphones, you name it and I probably got it. I look like I have walked out a Nike commercial.

I am also the girl that spends more time picking a song in the gym than actually working out because 'I need the perfect song to run to..' 

I am also that girl that will spend an hour sweating my butt off in a spin class then come home and eat a whole packet of biscuits because 'I deserve it' 

I am also so busy that I can NEVER find an hour in my day or even 30mins to go to the gym but I will manage to find time to catch up on the latest episode of TOWIE..
Trust me I could go on all day but this post is long enough already so I will get to the point.
I am not a sporty person and I never have been. I have never been on a sports team. I hated P.E so much at school that I found an excuse to not do sports day 4 years in a row... Impressive I know.

These past 3 years for me have been difficult I am not going to lie, things are not a bed of roses over here even though it might look like it is from my social media. There are a lot of health issues in my family and they are ongoing, I don't share this because of obvious reasons but maybe one day I will a bit. 
The only reason I am saying this is because it has made me realise what is important, I used to get stressed out over the most trivial things but this year I am looking at the bigger picture. I'm doing all I can to make me and the closest to me happy. 

So as I have near enough got my mind sorted this year I thought it was time to get the rest of me under control, so to cut to the chase I had my first ever personal training session today at my gym! 
I was so nervous for about 2 days prior, I am so unfit I get out of breath doing the simplest of tasks but when I met my trainer I was instantly put at ease because she was so friendly and I got the vibe that she was not judgemental at all, even when I was struggling!😭

After seeing her I can now say that I have never had an actual proper workout in my life prior to our session. I can now see how I never pushed myself or had any structure to my workouts. 
At one point in my session I was looking in the mirror while doing shoulder press with some dumbbells and saw my bright red makeup-less face. I suddenly thought the last time my face was that red I was about 7 years old running around Money Bizz.. (an indoor soft play centre near me)

I did exercises that I would watch people do but never try myself in fear of falling over in the middle of the gym.. 
To you that might be the simplest exercises but to me it was a big deal! 
I'll show you my workout below!

Also how amazing is this, after every session Hana (my trainer) updates exactly what I did onto a spreadsheet and emails me it straight away. The reason I think that this is an amazing idea is that we can see my progress over time all on one spreadsheet. So when I up my weights or increase my reps I can see where I started and where I am now (well in the future.. you know what I mean) 

The reason I gave the lengthy intro is I just wanted to tell you that nothing worth having is easy. If someone said to me that I can have a personal trainer last year or even the begining of this year I would of either flat out said no or drop out in a few weeks. 
I am now it the right mind frame to start making changes, I am not doing this for athetic reasons but for health reasons, I want to feel GOOD! 😍
I wanted to let you know as well that it is not easy for me. I see some people on social media workout intensely twice a day and love every minute of it with so much motivation. 
I am not one of them people, maybe I will get the bug and enjoy exercise eventually but you never get to see the beginning struggle online so I thought I would share mine.

I am learning to love exercise or at least be civil with it. 

It's like when people say keep your enemies close, hate exercise? keep it close and exercise regularly and it will benefit you in the long-term πŸ˜‚ 

Let's see if I become this fit person I have never been before, It would be an understatement to say it would surprise my old P.E teachers 🀣 

I will regularly be posting updates of my sessions/fitness journey on here and I promise to go a little more in depth about what I am doing at the gym/eating.

I know some will ask so I will put all the links to my gym below, maybe I'll see you there?! 😱

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