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Spa Day at Brandshatch Place Hotel & Spa πŸ’—

Hello, sweet peas 😍 I am back with a written blog post! 

As you already know from the title I am going to talk about a spa day I recently had with my lovely Mother at Brandshatch Place Hotel & Spa. I always like to let you see the full picture so here is a little history of me and spas. I am not the type of person that has facials often, the last time I had a facial was when I was 13 and had a puberty induced break out. I acted like it was the end of the world and probably was an absolute nightmare at home so my mum decided to take me to a beautician and get a facial to hopefully shut me up. 
So I haven't had much experience with facials even though I know you should ideally have them regular to have the best results I haven't gone back but I feel like that is going to change after this! 

You can imagine my excitement when I was invited down to a spa day At Brandshatch Place Hotel & Spa!  I am already a member of their gym so I was excited to explore the other half of it. 
I decided to go with a facial as doing the #31DaysOf Halloween challenge really took a toll on my skin. I had a few breakouts so I thought it was best to go with the ELEMIS Anti-Blemish Mattify and Calm Facial.
My mum went with the ELEMIS Traditional Full Body Massage as she carries a lot of tension in her back and is on her feet all day at work.
This couldn’t have come at a better time for us as the second it hits December we are both crazy busy with work, so this was perfect before the Christmas rush starts!

Talking of Christmas I want to quickly mention I am doing 24 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS on my Youtube Channel this year and you will get to see a lot more of Brandshatch Place Hotel & Spa as I will be filming my gym sessions. 
I will also go down there for a bit of lunch and use the pool, steam room, sauna etc as well so it will be like a little tour!

Last Wednesday we turned up and was greeted with a lovely Berry Blast smoothie shot and an itinerary of our day. We filled out a health form that also included what we were looking for in our treatments eg. Firm massage, concentrate on a certain area, avoid an area.

After we had a little tour of the facilities we were given the keys to our lockers that contained a robe and a towel. I must add that you have a separate spa changing room to the normal gym one, I thought that was a really nice touch as they were quiet and had the relaxing spa feel.

We then headed back to the bar area in our robes and had an amazing afternoon tea before our treatments. This was the best afternoon tea I have ever had (and I do love an afternoon tea, in fact, I am having one today!) 
They had the classic sandwiches (egg, cucumber, salmon, ham) they were so good and I don’t know what they did to make them taste incredible!

As well as classic warm scones with homemade jam and clotted cream with some amazing desserts. They looked very fancy and I must be honest normally I don’t like fancy cakes as I find the flavours too rich and overpowering but I ate every one of these desserts 😍

I also highly recommend the Berry tea as that tasted amazing as well, I must find out what tea they use😍

After completing indulging ourselves it was time for our treatments, we headed to the relaxation room where we had a refreshing glass of lemon water and was soon called into our treatments. 

I could not fault my facial and I was surprised at how quickly I noticed results in my skin. I was given a leaflet that contained all the products that were used in my facial as well as a discount on the products.
I have had massages before at various places and I cannot tell you how many times I have had products used on me that I loved but could never buy from the spa. As this was an Elemis facial they sell all of the products they used plus more!

They are currently selling a variety of Elemis gift bags for Christmas so I would highly recommend looking at them as they save you a lot of money compared to buying the individual products. They are such a great gift idea as well. They do also sell Elemis Product Packages for De-Stress, Cellulite & Detox, Pregnancy and Sport & Musclease so you can keep up your routine at home to get the best results!

As like most spa treatments they recommend you keep the products on for the rest of the day but as I had my treatment late in the afternoon I left it on overnight and I woke up to so many breakouts where the facial pulled out all my impurities and within a couple days my skin was COMPLETELY CLEAR!!  it hasn’t been that way since October 1st… 
I was so happy with my treatment as it was the most relaxed I had felt in a LONG time and my mum also said the same.
She could not fault anything in her full body massage, she asked for it to be firm but she did ask her to go a little lighter in some spots when she was having the treatment and she happily did so. They are so willing to adjust things for you throughout your treatment so do not be afraid to ask.

We then went back to the relaxation room for a little bit as we felt so relaxed we just wanted to sit down for a little bit and have a glass of water before going to the other spa facilities.
We both took full advantage of the pool, steam room, sauna and hot tub to end our relaxing day! 
It was so beautifully quiet and just added the cherry to the cake. 
I couldn’t resist but have another berry tea before we left and that night I had the best sleep I have had in a long time.

If Brandshatch Place Hotel & Spa is a little far for you they are part of Hand Picked Hotels that have hotels all over the country but you could always turn it into a spa weekend away and stay at their hotel! I think it would be the perfect Christmas present as it is surrounded but countryside as well as being 15minutes away from Bluewater Shopping centre so if you wanted to venture out from the spa during your stay you easily can. 

Let me know if you liked this post as I know so many of you love it when I post Instagram stories after my PT sessions at the Gym there. As I said you will be seeing more of that this December! (Spoiler alert I have made so much progress already!) 

Speak to you soon, byee! x 

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